Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Watchmen Files // Christmas... in June?!

Hey everybody! It's Darrion again :)

   Now I know that I said that I wouldn't be posting until the Wednesday after this one, but some of you guys were asking for a sneak peek ;) So, that means a sneak peek is in order!

   But first, a Pinterest update... as you may have noticed, I've re-pinned and/or moved a great deal of pins from The Watchmen Files to The Watchmen Files: File One, a new board. I'll still be pinning the chapter and book covers onto The Watchmen Files, but it's now mainly being used for ideas and inspiration. Also, I've made a board for the Holiday Specials! It's called T.W.F. (which of course stands for The Watchmen Files) Holiday Special. Click here to view :) It's pretty small right now, only, like, three pictures... but it'll get bigger as the thing moves along. And sometime soon I'll be making a board for the second file, too.

   I also tagged each of the posts of the first file on the blog, by the way.

   Also, I want to admit how odd this whole thing is. I mean, it's almost summer, for crying out loud! Well, quick backstory, when it was the Christmas season, I was going to write it all up and post it fairly speedily. In fact, I had already written the first chapter and the beginning of the second. So I asked you guys if you'd like to spoil the end of the book and read the mini-sequel, and the majority said yes. Then I came to the conclusion that it would be just too much for me to write in one month, especially a month like December. I realized that I didn't have enough time. Because, as Willow can verify, I can get rather crabby when on a tight schedule and under stress. I felt (and still feel) really, really bad for getting everyone's hopes up. I'm so, so, so sorry about all of that!

   So now it must be written. And why now and not wait until next Christmas, you ask? Oh, trust me, I'd love to. But to be able to keep with the story, keep interest for you and me, I'd have to keep the books rather closeish. I know it's going to be pretty hard to write a short book about Christmas in June... with the sun shining outside... but let's just try to ignore that...

   And the Christmas Special must be written before the second book! A rather important development is made in it.

   Anyway, yeah, I'm writing it! So, finally, I'm getting to the sneak peek...

   As you may remember, I did a little post a while ago about the Holiday Special. I've revised the 'back of the book' a bit, and here it is! I'm pretty sure this is the officialish cover of this shot-story :)

The Christmas season has arrived at a Watchmen safe-house where the Harrisons, Mason Kruger, his little cousin Ava, and his co-worker Conner McKee are stationed. This year is unlike any of the trio has ever experienced...
For Conner, it's a struggle to cope with his first Christmas without his family, and for Mason, it brings on the biggest and most difficult decision of his life and the discovery of the real meaning of Christmas.
Follow the trio as they encounter a grey gloved arson, a villainous Santa Clause, a malicious thief and a Hydra cousin out to wreck the celebration as the three have a Christmas to remember!

   So for the writing style of the shot, it'll be in third person (as always) and I'm going to try to make it very descriptive. They'll do basically all of the things a family does at Christmas, and they'll be a Christmas performance at their church. Also, Sven is going to find out that they're there (which is quite a problem). I think I'm also going to put some music in it... like put a music video in the post so you can play it while you read? There are certain Piano Guys songs that are great for certain chapters!

   I'm thinking about making it twelve chapters long, you know, like the twelve days of Christmas (and maybe a tiny bit in celebration of the next Doctor...), but that might be too much. What do you guys think? I don't know if I have enough material to write about... Oh, and also, what's your favorite thing about Christmas? And/or what's your favorite Christmas activity? What do you really want to see in this Special?

  It's also going to be more focused on Mason and Ava. Conner will be more of a side character, but he's still quite prominent, don't worry :)

   Well, I think that's about it... I'll be posting the first chapter next Wednesday, so hang ten!

Always Watching,


  1. Yay! It sounds really good! {even though it is kinda weird reading about Christmas in July, er June :D} Hmmm, I just love being with family. Plus, there are a lot of great movies that we watch around Christmas. Like It's a Wonderful Life :D. Anyway, oh, I love the cookies and desserts! {who doesn't?} Yeah, every year my great grandma makes like 7 batches of cookies. Usually, I eat . . . let's just say I eat more than I should. :)

    -Hope Oakenshield

  2. Oh wow Darrion, I'm so excited for this! You've got be hooked better than before! Yay! Ooh, a villainous Santa Clause?? It's going to be epic!!! I can't wait! Good luck with it, I can tell it's gonna be awesome!!
    ~ M.J.McKeel

  3. Aww, this was really good! I can't wait for the Christmas Special! Guess what song I have stuck in my head? Come To Jesus! I adore that song:)

  4. Hey, I was looking back through some of the older posts on this blog and I wanted to ask a question. I don't remember who posted this post, but it was about Valentine's day with Thorin, Frerin, and Dis. Did someone delete the post or am I just blind? ;)

    1. Hi, Sarah :)
      I was the one who wrote that about a year ago, so you're not going crazee, but only got that bit done, then drifted off.... Hope that answers your question!

  5. Hey Darrion! I tagged this blog for a writing process blog tour so if you want to check it out and answer the questions, that would be swell. It's here( ). Sorry if you were tagged already.... :D Thanks for being awesome!

    And wow, this all sounds so....epic! :) Hehehe.....


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