Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Watchmen Files // Name Help // Sketches // Etc.

*mason* sups, readers! sorry if things get a little choppy, conner and i are trying to do this post ourselves while d isn't looking ;) but seeing that we're, like, half an inch tall, it takes forever to write anything! we have to jump on the keys to get them to press.

*conner* and your rambling on the subject isn't helping. hurry up and write a proper sentence!

*mason* this is my post, alright? you can write your own if you want it! anyway, i'd like to ask you guys some questions. why is everybody's favorite character conner?!

*conner* because i'm a properly great guy, obviously.

*mason* yeah, well they don't even know your background yet! i mean, what kinda guy hides that? and besides, what am i, chopped liver?

*conner*one who wants to protect his friends, maybe?

*mason* whatever. anyway, i also wanted to ask about my action moves-

   What are you doing, young man?!

*conner* crumpets. good morning, darrion!

   You've got to be joking. Highjacking my blog post? Really, guys? This is a new low.

*mason* it is my story you're writing. i think i should be heard from. i rest my case.

   Okay, that's it. *reaches down and plucks them up by their shirt collars*

*conner* woha! wow, that's high!

*mason's voice fades into the distance* police brutality!!

   *Ahem* Alright, moving on.

Hey bloggers of the internet! It's Darrion here.

    Sorry about all of that, I've been having trouble with those two characters. They're escaping off of the page all of the time now! Invaded my lego drawer on Sunday, watched TV all night Monday, and woke my dog up at 4 on Tuesday morning. *sigh*

   That's what I get for making them pocket characters. What, you don't know what a pocket person is? Well, I sorta don't either. But I'm pretty sure it's just a drawing/cut-out that is pocket sized. Like this...

   ... sort of. I'm going to try and make one, cut it out, and take pictures of them doing things around the house. Sound fun? Maybe I'll post about it next week.

   And I've got this. Yep, that's Mason on the right, and Conner on the left. Though Conner did turn out to look like Tyler Ward (it's because his nose isn't long enough, making his face not long enough). I'd like to do some small comics, or just portraits of them in the near future.

   But anyway, I've as you may have noticed, I've got more writer's block (with the sun shining outside, it's hard to write about snow). I'm so, so, so sorry about that. I just can't seem to make myself pick it back up again. But, in fact, I'm planning to change that! I've written down everything I want to put in the chapters (scenes, ideas, etc.) and I'm going to try to plan what goes where, which will (hopefully!) be helpful.

   Also, I've got another problem. My villain for the second file is still unnamed. And you know what that means! :) Your suggestions! So, I'd like his name to be short (something like the actor's name, Lee Pace), concise, evilish, noting to hide. Maybe, Maximilian something or other? I could call him Max :) Or not... that doesn't sound particularly menacing... I've got some other character for the next book I'm really excited about, too :)

    Other than that, I'm re-booting my personal blog! Yep, Sincerely Darrion is back! And with a new look. I'm also going to be posting my art and photos on there. If you'd like to check that out, clicking here would be much appreciated :)

   Also, we're going to be putting a new photoshoot on our website soon. BBC Sherlock (that's me!), here we come!

   Willow is going to try to get her chapter done of F&E for Friday.

   Well, I think that's all for today. Again, I'm so so so so sorry about not having the chapter up yet. I'm going to try for next week, don't worry!

Always Watching,


  1. HI MASON AND CONNER!! Y'ALL ARE SO AWESOME!! And, no Mason, you're not chopped liver. We all love you. :) Anyway, hmmm, usually what I try to do is look up popular names from the time period when he was born. I'll give you some suggestions anyway. :) Aaron, Adam, Adolph {you probably won't use that one, but I though, hey, why not suggest it}, Aiden, Alan, Andrew, Archer, Arthur, Asa, Ben, Bogart, Caleb, Calvin, Casper, Cassius, Clayton, Corey, Crispin, Daniel, David, Dean, Derek, Drew, Eli, Elmo {just putting that in for humor's sake :D}{ it actually means helmet, protector}, Emmett, Erskine, Fergus, Finn, Fritz, Gavin, Grant, Hans, Hobart, Hunter, Igor, Ivan, Justin, Knox {maybe a last name?}, Lawrence, Lee {:D}, Levi, Martin, Matthew, Morgan, Phillip, Richard, Rider {another last name?}, Rusty, Samuel, Sylvester, Torin, Trevor, Wyatt, Zane. I gave you a ton of names. I'm not sure if that's what you wanted, but whatever. {I have this baby name book that has tons of names. It's really great when you get to naming your characters.} Personally, I like the first name of Sylvester cause it sounds sneaky. :) I hope this huge list helped. :)


    1. Thanks so much, Hope!! You've got great name picks! Man, this naming this is gonna be tough. Good thing I've got some time to decide (and lots of choices!). I like the name Sylvester also, but I've still got to think about it for a while. Thanks again for the awesome list! :)

  2. Hi Mason and Conner!! *waves and grins*
    Wow D! You are such a good artist!! Love the drawings and I can't wait for more... :-D
    I am bad at coming up with good bad guy names. But I am think something that starts with a 'F' or 'E'. I'm not sure why but yeah...

    1. Thanks, Mary! *waves wildly back* I'm hoping to put more art stuff for my book on here, so hang tight! :)

  3. Darrion, you should keep a closer eye on those two rascals. ;) They are so amazing. I'm so excited about the next book!! Hmm, what a pickle. Names are usually the hardest sometimes. Well, let me see. . . What about Donald-- no, that's not frightening enough. Erm. . . What about Luke Ferguson?

    By the way, your artwork is spectacular! I love it! You are a truly talented artist! <3 And good luck on the amazing cosplay! I can't wait to see it. :) :) :)

    1. Thanks, Megan! Oh, and the cosplay is coming up soon! Almost done. Hum... I like that last name. *adds to mental list* Thanks! :)

  4. Bad guy name...hmm. Cameron? He could be a Jason, but you already have one...

    1. Hum... I'll think about that! Thanks, Barbie :)

  5. Aww, this was really cute! I love the drawing of Connor trying to escape:)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Though I don't think Conner liked it much ;)

  6. Bad guy names... Ian? Or, if you prefer a more Scottish spelling, Iain. (Like Iain Glen.)
    Pryor, a variant of "Prior," from the Latin "primus" meaning first, or a superior.
    Rastus, from the Greek meaning not running away.
    Alastair, which is a Gaelic variant of Alexander, or the Greek version which is Alastor. In Greek mythology, Alastor personified revenge.
    Calder, with Cal as a nickname. It's Celtic, meaning "from the stony river."

    ...Not sure about surnames, unfortunately. But don't worry. Whatever you choose will be fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Grace! Those are great names. Love the what-they-mean that you added :) Very helpful for deciding! I like having double meaning with the names :) That helps a lot! I like Alastair... Thanks again for the ideas!


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