Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Would You Rather...

Okay, this kind of post is not normal for me on this blog. Usually I simply post stories, but right now I'm just going to chat about some stuff.

#1: Would you rather: We {D and I} are working on a secret-agent-type series involving S.H.I.E.L.D. {from the Avengers} and some cool, well, other people. A LOT of stuff is derived from Captain America {the movie, not the comics} and there are lots of interesting action stuff.


#2: Or would you rather me continue concentrating on stories such as Friends and Enemies and Break In: Infiltrating the Citadel? And perhaps working on Forgotten as well? I will finish both of them, but maybe in a while.

Here's a sample cover of one of the stories: Secrets Revealed

And this one: Race Against Time

You choose. {Though technically I can do whatever I like on this blog, I do like feedback (:}


  1. I say continue concentrating on your stories (#2). By the way, your Pinterest boards are so inspirational! I could spend hours looking at them. And your blog is also very fine....I love all of the LOTR/ Hobbit pictures here and there! ♥


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