Saturday, June 29, 2013

Writing Update // Friends and Enemies

Okay, you know that writing promise thing? I didn't think I was going to make it with the chapter this Monday. But the I forced myself to think of something {yesterday} and managed to write about 1/3 of the chapter. This deadline thing really helps, actually.
   Then, I was going to print it really quick so I could read it before I went to bed. Then I thought that I'd deleted it. Killer. But I didn't. Yay! I still have it!
   But I might change the chapter title again. I know *groan*. But I think it might become, instead of The Council of Knights, it might be Back on the Secret Way.
   I'm also planning on giving some writing tips on The Story Club blog I'm a part of. I'll let you know.

{If you'd like to see more of the characters and scene for the book, check out my pinterest board, Friends and Enemies}


  1. Sometimes when we intensely want to write the next part of our story, our brains freeze. Lit-er-ally. And I don't think it's just me. Forcing yourself to do it is a noble, heroic deed. I find it a very trying thing. But to accomplish it is victory! (That was your congratulations and/or pep talk, btw ;)

    I realllyyy don't like the feeling you get when you think you've deleted something. It's horrible! Thank goodness Friends & Enemies was saved! :D


  2. Willow,
    I love your blog! I also check your Pinterest board out. My favorite board of yours is The Heirs of Durin.

    1. This is Darrion: Thanks, Sarah! Actually, I'm the only one who pin onto that board :) I'm glad you like it! Have you watched The Hobbit and LotR? If you don't mind telling, do you have a Pinterest? I'd love to have a look! If you don't mind me raiding your boards, of course :)



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