Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friends and Enemies // Name Help!

Hey, my lovely and awesome readers!

I promise that the chapter will be up later.
Probably tonight, because of our computer situation. But it will be up.

It will be Chapter Fifteen // A Dangerous Escape. But as for now...

Today I have a request for help from you!

A name.

For this dude...

   Yep, I've decided to use that guy in my book. But I need a name. 
   I really liked the name Ganymede, but that's the name of a star, and sounds a little silly for a character. 
I thought that the name Ether might work too, but I'm still in doubt. Would you please help me?
Please don't feel offended if I don't use the name you picked. 
If you don't want your name to be rejected, I would recommend not suggesting one, because I'm rather picky in choosing names, and because only I really know the character, only I can choose the proper name.

I know that he plays Merlin in some BBC show, so you don't need to tell me. Also, please don't comment to tell me what a great show it is or basically anything about it.
 I'd just rather limit comments to my book, not a show.

 Also, next Friday is Durin's Day, and the premier of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug! 
We have a choir concert that day, but we will definitely see it within that week.

Well, that's all for now.

Be a friend, not an enemy,



  1. My fist thought was John or Christopher. Though those are pretty comanish names and may seem odd compared to some of the other characters names.

  2. Hey Willow! It's Megan from pinterest. :)
    I just happened to see this, and I thought I'd try and help. :) (sorry for all the smileys!)
    I have a few names stacked away on my computer. . .just a second. . . what about Quillen? :) Or Edwon. Or Conan? That's all I have! :D And it's totally okay if you don't use them-- I completely don't mind. :) Happy early Durin's day!

  3. Zaineth? Zechariah? Definitely something that starts with a Z :)

  4. Rowan, Terrin/Terryn, Peyton, Destrian, and Berion. Hope they help!

    1. Destrain??? NOOO!! I Thought I made that up :D I was so proud of myself years back :D I do dearly hope that Destria isn't a real name? Cause I thought I made that up I gotta work on my names :D

  5. Hi! My younger sister and I have been reading and enjoying the stories on your blog =) I was wondering, how about the name Dradith (pronounced like "dray- dith"; my sister makes fun of the pronunciation)? I don't remember where I've heard the name before but I recalled the name right when I saw the picture=)


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