Monday, April 1, 2013

Locked Away #2: Willow's Journal: Secrets

I can't write the date now, it's too dangerous

Dear Journal,
 Oh, how I hate these secrets! Keeping secrets from people is so not my specialty. I want to tell them so much, but they will not understand. I'm not even sure that I understand.
   But I must bear the weight anyway. Praying is helpful. Telling the Author everything makes my heart lighter, though it does not take away the burden completely.
   It seems almost that my life is bursting with secrets! My new-found 'abilities'. The unexpected journey. My Codebearer status.
   For Durin's sake, my secrets seem to have secrets!! I cannot tell one without practically telling another!
   Of course, back in the Veil it's so much worse. Well, not as much now, but I can't write about that now. I will, later. Right now, I've gotta go pack.


P.S. that's me in that photo, last summer

{P.P.S not really, the pic is from Pinterest}

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